The Picture of Dorian Gray // English Theatre Frankfurt 2016

based on the novel by Oscar Wilde, adapted by Merlin Holland and John O'Connor


director: Tom Littler

lighting designer: Ben Cracknell

sound designer: Tom Attwood


photographer: Martin Kaufhold


”Victorian costumes slowly lead us from Basil's hip blindingly bright modern studio to Dorian's realm of dark mirrors” Frankfurter Rundschau

”A strikingly modern staging” Offenbach Post

"As time passes, not only the Picture ages, but the environment too. As the story deepens, so the contemporary design shifts further into period: from designer daybed to chaise longue, from video to painting, from a cool white stage to a dark abyss" Journal Frankfurt

”Visually compelling...the versatile design allows the play to slip effortlessly from modern day to the late nineteenth century” Frankfurter Allgemeine