The School for Scandal // Park Theatre 2013

by Richard Brinsley Sheridan


director: Jessica Swale

composer: Laura Forrest-Hay

costume designer: Fiona Russell

lighting designer: Christopher Nairne


photographer: Nobby Clark


★★★★ “A gorgeously gaudy chocolate box of a show” The Times

★★★★ “Simon Kenny’s effective set...the visual wit is typical of this production” The Telegraph

★★★★ “The period setting of Simon Kenny’s handsome stage design is initially dominated by a chessboard and a series of full-length mirrors, reflecting that this is a play about image in which characters try to strategically outmanoeuvre one another” Metro

★★★★ What’s On Stage

“This production looks great. The space has been transformed by designer Simon Kenny into an eighteenth-century drawing room...the gilt and pastel blues suggest a Fabergé egg: a beautiful exterior that conceals a hollow heart” Time Out